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Although we are planning to port a number of our existing products to the eSignal platform over the next year, we currently have no plans to do this with our Point and Figure Tool Kit.

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A relatively flat red line means a steady continuation of the trend.Not only does the direction of the oscillator change just before major tops and bottoms, but even more importantly, most of the time divergences appear between TT2 Radar 2 and price to confirm the pending change in market direction.

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A triple top breakout is similar to a double top breakout except that the price at which the breakout occurred is a price that the chart retraced from two times before.

We do charge 50% of the fee upfront and the remaining 50% upon satisfactory completion.Its purpose is not to generate trading signals at swing highs and lows, but rather to identify potential swing cycle timing patterns based on past swing behavior.Date: 28 th October 2013. Triple top breakout has made the setup bullish.

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This file can be transferred into your trading library by simply importing it or placing it in the correct directory - we will send you instructions with the completed program.Point and Figure Toolkit. figure chart whenever a double top breakout is followed. an alert when a double bottom or a double top is broken.

Yes, in general lines below the zero line are indicative of downtrends and vice versa.When run in real time, the indicator plots a half-chevron up whenever a new high in an uptrend is reached.The Woods Cumulative Volume Float Tool Kit for Metastock includes all three of the indicators you inquired about.There is no Demo on your website for those systems to indicate how each system works.Each of these tools can be purchased individually from our website, or, you may wish to purchase them more economically as a package as part of our.This give you a chance to try them to see if they work for you on your particular charts at a minimum cost.

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The input settings are designed to work universally on any chart and any time frame.However, if we find enough interested users, like yourself, who would like to have these tools for eSignal, we would certainly consider moving it up in our list of priorities.I program many of my own tools but now also have a programming staff to assist me with this.The ProMom Paintbars are included in the Arps Crown Jewels package and work across any time frame.

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What is important is to observe how the price trades during the day with respect to the RangerFinder lines.If you do not want another Pivot-based indicator, I would suggest you look at the.If price opens above the RangeFinder High Line we are likely to see an up day with the high line representing strong support.

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I have a question regarding the Market Strength Index indicator.I have been developing and writing trading systems and indicators since 1960.Although we do not offer a free trial period, we sell all of our products with a 30-day money back guarantee, less a small return fee per tool.

Thank you for your excellent questions about our Jackson Zones tool.If price opens below the RangeFinder Low Line and subsequently makes a significant break above this line, there is a high probability that prices will continue to rise all the way to the High Support Line.

The Jackson Zones tool does not look back and re-calculate the odds on a real-time basis.If you were going up a hill and took your foot off the gas, the car would slow down, stop, then begin to roll back downhill at a steadily increasing rate.

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We ship most of our software and documentation as an e-mail attachment, so you usually receive it the same day as your order.I currently have your Point and Figure Tool Kit for Tradestation.We have a number of excellent and unique tools that we use here every day for this purpose.It is important to stress that the large chevrons from the indicator will always appear in hindsight at the exact peak and valley, while the confirmation of these chevrons will always occur several bars past the chevron.I have been trading stocks, futures, and options for more than 50 years.A very effective way to utilize Radar 2 is to plot it in Subgraph1, right on top of the price chart.

TT2 Radar 2 is a powerful trading tool that can lead to consistent profits when used consistently and with trading discipline.The Parabolic uses an entirely different approach, which is not adaptable, versatile, or accurate.I am curious about your rangefinder for use with Tradestation.

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I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information on the Red Line.

I am using your toolkit for eSignal and need an alert sound for your Trender Pullback tool.I would not discourage you from running any of the other tools on your charts as well, however, because they all are very helpful in identifying high-probability buy and sell points.This is an effective way to identify divergences between price and the oscillator.The tools I recommend to determine price direction are the Arps Trender, Arps Triple Trender, Radar 3 Trend Index, and the ProMom Trend PaintBars.In this way the leading behavior of the oscillator is clearly seen relative to price movement.

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Many times price moves by themselves can be misleading, but the volume accompanying those moves can tell a skilled trader much, and the Woods Float Analysis approach is an effective way to highlight those stocks embarking upon major moves.If you accept our proposal, you will then need to send us a credit card number, your address and a telephone number.I have heard only good things about your products, quality, and personal integrity.

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Your study will be delivered to you either on diskette or as an e-mail attachment.However, when you get a green line below zero, it is a warning signal that the trend may be ready to change.

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